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Ran across my old iPhone 4 what a difference 10-11 years has made 13 Pro Max

2022.01.23 18:19 PhotographyFun Ran across my old iPhone 4 what a difference 10-11 years has made 13 Pro Max

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2022.01.23 18:19 Vince_peak Is Pycharm supposed to highlight the errors line (if any) at RUN time in the UI ? I would love the same system than Sublime text (picture) where the error is highlighted in the code UI and in the minimap so it takes half a second to know where you should look at.

Is Pycharm supposed to highlight the errors line (if any) at RUN time in the UI ? I would love the same system than Sublime text (picture) where the error is highlighted in the code UI and in the minimap so it takes half a second to know where you should look at. submitted by Vince_peak to pycharm [link] [comments]

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2022.01.23 18:19 bratpack1 The only way Sidney can return SPOILERS!!!

At this point S6 is 100% happening as soon as 2024 given how well this one has done and in a pandemic aswell amazing stuff so happy.
What I liked about this one was Sidney and gales story felt like it reached a natural endpoint meaning if they don’t come back I’m happy too leave them here as the trio got a great conclusion in this movie. But it seems like Neve is up for more and there’s just no way they are gonna turn her down if she’s offering.
I think Sidney being the main target again is the most likely option with the carpenter sisters coming to help Sidney this time . Just how else is Sidney gonna be brought into a killing spree that’s setup around the carpenter sisters she was only in this one because of what happened to Dewey.
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2022.01.23 18:19 souperman08 Would having a clean blend on every dirt pedal block be possible in an update?

Title. Tried googling and couldn’t find much to see if this is desired by other users or possible with the hardware/firmware. I’m primarily a bass player using a Stomp, and I typically use the B path for a clean blend with whatever dirt pedal I’m using. But I’m now running a bass synth alongside my bass, and often playing both in the same song, so it would be really nice to have the B path available for effects only on the synth. Seeing as how all so many of the other models have a mix control, it seems like it should be a simple update to roll out. Am I missing something? (Also; I know that at least 1-2 of the dirt models do have a clean blend, but I don’t use those models as often).
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2022.01.23 18:19 Memer858463 I’m sorry little one

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2022.01.23 18:19 xanaxarita There Has Been an Update to the Media Matrix: Transcripts: "Crime & Justice With Ashleigh Banfield"

There has been an update to the Media Matrix to the Transcripts Table.
Crime and Justice With Ashleigh Banfield
Episode: "Indiana Police Release Audio Snippet in Murder Investigation" Aired: 8-9p ET Aired: February 22, 2017 - 20:00 ET. Network: CNN
[20:00:00] JEAN CASAREZ, HLN HOST (voice-over): We are following breaking news. Police hope new audio can help them solve the murders of two Indiana teens.
CASAREZ: Did you catch that?
CASAREZ: That snippet of audio, officers say, is from one of the girls` cell phones.
UNIDENTIFIED MALE: "Down the hill." Theres enough there that somebody could recognize this persons voice.
CASAREZ: Just three words they hope can lead them to the prime suspect, the killer of Abby and Libby.
UNIDENTIFIED MALE: If you hear this today...
UNIDENTIFIED MALE: ... and you think, My God, that sounds like -- fill in the blank -- call us.
CASAREZ: The moments after a deadly shooting caught on video.
UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: The victim was lying on the ground while others tried to help her.
CASAREZ: A Texas man admitting he shot his neighbor, but claims it wasn`t in cold blood. Hector Campos says the woman was armed -- with a dog and a
roll of tape.
UNIDENTIFIED MALE: This has been an ongoing disagreement.
CASAREZ: He`s kept silent.
UNIDENTIFIED MALE: (INAUDIBLE) I`d rather not say anything.
CASAREZ: Until now.
DR. PHIL, HOST: What would you do differently?
UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I dont know if Id do anything differently.
CASAREZ: Funny how people who don`t seem to want to talk open up to Dr. Phil.
A 26-year-old in big trouble for giving a lap dance at a nursing home.
UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I can show you new things.
CASAREZ: Thing is, the victim is 100 years old.
CASAREZ: Why police threw the book at the former worker who even flashed the resident.
UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I wont tell, if you wont.
CASAREZ: Good evening. I`m Jean Casarez in for Ashleigh Banfield. Thank you so much for joining us. This is PRIMETIME JUSTICE.
We do have breaking news tonight in the murders of two teenagers in Indiana. Liberty German and Abigail Williams went missing last week after
going hiking. Their bodies were found the next day. And for the past week, we have been looking at this image, an image of a man officers call
the prime suspect in the case.
And new tonight, we are hearing for the very first time three words muttered by an unknown man in the vicinity of those two girls on that day.
Its video captured on Libbys phone, and police say it was just moments before the girls were killed.
Now, we`re going to play this for you multiple times this hour so you can hear it. Take a listen now.
CASAREZ: Police are hoping that those three words, "down the hill," will lead them to their killer. But they do say they need everyone`s help from
coast to coast to listen and decide if you recognize that person`s voice.
DOUGLAS CARTER, INDIANA STATE POLICE SUPERINTENDENT: Why Libby? Why Abby? Why Delphi? Why Carroll County? Why the region? Why the state? Why even
in the nation? I say that because this is classic example and a clear example that evil lives amongst us.
CASAREZ: Lindsey Eaton is a reporter for CBS 4, Fox 59. She joins us now from Delphi, Indiana. Lindsey, we learned today many things we haven`t
learned before. But we also learned that this has gotten to the desk of the FBI director, Jim Comey. What else did we learn today at this press
LINDSEY EATON, CBS 4/FOX 59 (via telephone): We learned that the picture that we`ve been showing over and over of that main suspect, that man -- we
learned that that picture came from Libbys cell phone, along with that recording that you guys have been playing and that weve been playing over
and over. We know it`s three words "down the hill." But we learned that that audio snippet, as well as that picture -- both big clues, both of them
came from Libby`s phone, which is huge in this investigation.
CASAREZ: It sure is. All the visuals that you see and now this audio came from Liberty`s phone.
And joining us is Sergeant Tony Slocum. He is with the Indiana State Police. First of all, I want to ask you, the thing that just was going
through my mind right now is at this press conference today, you called Liberty, one of these two victims -- you called her a hero.
[20:05:06]SGT. TONY SLOCUM, INDIANA STATE POLICE (via telephone): I believe Liberty is a hero. To have enough wherewithal at a time when she
was probably really afraid, to actually record or hit record on the video function of her phone and actually provide us evidence that we are using
now to try to solve her murder -- that young lady is a hero, to have the presence to be able to do that. Every investigator that I`ve talked to
that`s connected to this case believes that she is a hero, and she inspires us to continue forward as we do our investigation.
CASAREZ: Now, we want to listen again to this audio. We want everyone to listen to this because everyone from the FBI to local to state police, they
are appealing to your help tonight. Do you recognize this voice? Listen.
CASAREZ: Now, of course, that is a repetition of what we believe is the one time it was on her phone.
Sergeant, you actually have the video that accompanies that, is that not correct, but you`re only releasing audio at this point?
SLOCUM: Right. Were holding the rest of our evidence close to the vest. Again, we dont want to put that out, the information, out into the public
spectrum where it would jeopardize our case at this time. But we do have further evidence.
Also, as you indicated, not only the voice that you hear, but also the photograph that we released last week -- both came from Liberty German`s
phone. And we`re imploring, as you indicated, anyone in the public who hears that voice or sees that photograph and thinks that might be so-and-
so, that sounds like so-and-so, and they don`t have an excuse or an alibi or something weird was happening on Monday of last week -- we want your
information. And we have multiple avenues for that with the tip line and the encounter (ph) e-mail. And we also have a reward that we`re offering
for any information that leads to an arrest in this case.
CASAREZ: Thats right. And earlier today, it was $41,000. Now, Sergeant, can you definitively say that the voice were hearing on the audio
recording is of the man in the photograph? Or could it be two people?
SLOCUM: Right. Youre exactly right. Were trying to determine if we have one suspect or multiple suspects. At this time, we`re not linking
that photograph with that voice. So that voice could possibly be of another suspect, and at this time, we`re investigating that. So we are not
quite sure if we have one person and/or multiple people that we are looking for in the murder of Liberty German and Abigail Williams.
CASAREZ: Now, as we know, the audio that we have just played -- and we will play again -- it says "down the hill." We`ve had a producer at that
scene who has told us that it is very hilly and the hills are off the beaten track. By these three words, "down the hill," do you believe that
the alleged perpetrator knew the area and knew where he wanted these girls to go? Was he directing them?
SLOCUM: Well, it sounds like he was directing them. But to answer your first question, as far as him knowing the area, we`re not sure, but that
obviously is one possibility in this case that we`re looking at. Again, we spoke last night about how close to the Hoosier heartland our State Road 25
interstate type system that this trail is close to. We`re still expanding our search, and not just to encompass the Carroll County, Delphi area, but
also surrounding areas. So we do not know if he knew the area.
CASAREZ: All right. Now, Sergeant, your superior spoke today, Superintendent Douglas Carter of the Indiana State Police, the
superintendent Let`s listen.
DOUGLAS CARTER, INDIANA STATE POLICE SUPERINTENDENT: Words tend to escape during these periods of times, and I`ve only had a couple of other
situations in my lifetime when I`m able to stand before you and say that.
Why Libby? Why Abby? Why Delphi? Why Carroll County? Why the region? Why the state? Why even in the nation? I say that because this is a
classic example and a clear example that evil lives amongst us.
To the family and the community, the region, the state, as leader of the Indiana State Police, I say I am so very sorry.
[20:10:08]Resources -- it`s unlikely any of you will ever see nor will we ever see or experience again the level of resources that are attached to
this investigation.
To the media, my gosh, all I can say is to give you my sincere thanks. See, this isnt like TV. Theres a perception that this can be solved very
quickly, anything that we do can be solved quickly, but this is a testament that it can`t and we need you. We needed you since last week, we need you
today, and we need you tomorrow. And likely, we`ll need the media all across this nation. So for a simple guy like me to you, I say thank you.
To the people dressed funny like me and those who represent the law enforcement profession, please understand we`re human beings just like you.
I stand anywhere in the nation with people standing behind me. And I would suggest to you that every time something like this happens, a little piece
of us dies, as well.
CASAREZ: Sergeant, we see the emotion that was in all of you at that press conference today. But I think one of the most sobering things that was
said was, Who will be next? Sergeant, can you hear me?
SLOCUM: Yes, I can hear you. That was a sobering statement because, unfortunately, as Superintendent Carter indicated, evil does live amongst
us. But I have a firm belief, and as most people, especially the investigators in this case, that there is more good than evil. And the
great works that I`ve seen in the last week of investigators working tirelessly to bring the murders of Liberty Germany -- or excuse me, Liberty
German and Abigail Williams to justice is awe-inspiring. And they believe that theres more good than evil in our society. And were all...
CASAREZ: And I do understand that -- I do understand that there are 20 FBI working around the clock right now. But the fact is, someone or people out
there murdered two young girls and they could do it again. They`ve got to be caught.
Were going to have more on this in a minute, more news in the murder of two Indiana teenage girls, police releasing audio from Liberty Germans
phone they hope can lead them to a killer. The FBI, local and state police -- they all need your help.
UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Someone knows who this individual is. Is it a family member? Is it a neighbor? Even with technology, we need human
intelligence. In other words, we need you. And if youre watching, well find you.
[20:15:18]UNIDENTIFIED MALE: As poor as this picture is, somebody knows. And if youre watching, well find you.
CASAREZ: Police in Indiana talking about this picture of their prime suspect in the murders of Liberty German and Abigail Williams. Now they
are hoping by releasing this short burst of audio from Libby`s phone that someone will recognize the voice and help them catch the killer.
CASAREZ: What that chilling audio could reveal about the girls` murders next.
UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Evil lives amongst us.
UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: There`s an all-out manhunt.
UNIDENTIFIED MALE: This is the person that at least participated in the murders of Liberty German and Abigail Williams.
UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Parents should never, ever have to bury their children.
UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: The picture that is pretty boring (ph) was taken in this area here. It was cropped from a larger picture.
UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The audio is also from Liberty`s phone.
UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Why Libby? Why Abby? If youre watching, well find you.
CASAREZ: And there is breaking news tonight in the murders of Liberty German and Abigail Williams. Today, police released for the very first
time audio that they say Libby recorded just moments before the girls were killed. It is just three words, but take a listen. We`re going to play it
for you multiple times.
CASAREZ: "Down the hill." And we did learn today that that audio right there was gotten from Libby German`s phone, that she had recorded this man,
whoever he is, audio and video. Police are only releasing the audio right now and that still picture that you see of who they call the prime suspect,
who may or may not be that voice. Maybe one or two people involved. That also we learned today definitively was from Libby`s phone, Libby who they
are calling a hero tonight.
[20:00:04]And with us, Sergeant Tony Slocum from the Indiana State Police is joining us once again. I know there is a tip line. We will show that
for everyone, Sergeant, and you are asking anyone who knows -- recognizes someone in that picture or recognizes that voice. Now, you did say at the
press conference today that you have more video and more audio than you`re releasing. How many minutes in total would you say that you have?
SLOCUM: Well, thats information thats germane to our investigation at this time, so we`re not going to be able to release that into the public
spectrum at this time.
CASAREZ: I understand. Is it -- is it continuous? Is it stop and start? Could you obviously tell there was an issue?
SLOCUM: Well, obviously, there`s the issue if Liberty turned on the video portion of her phone, and we can tell that maybe there was a problem in
that video. But as far as specific and more detail, that`s something we cannot get into at this moment in our investigation.
CASAREZ: Now, I know that you had also gone into today about whether this was someone that they were intending to meet or a stranger crime or someone
that knew the girls. But it appeared as though you were leaning upon a chance encounter was unlikely, but that they knew -- that maybe he knew
that those girls would be there.
SLOCUM: Well, were not quite sure if it was a chance encounter or -- evidence indicates at this time that we dont have any leading us to they
were meeting. We believe it was two teenage girls going out on a nice day and enjoying a beautiful trail.
But were still trying to verify all our facts. Were almost nine days into our investigation, which seems like a very long time, but in the
scheme of things, its pretty short, and were still trying to analyze the information and determine what actually occurred in their murders.
CASAREZ: Seems like a very difficult investigation.
Joining me now, Misty Marris and Danny Cevallos. Misty, where do they go from here? Because they dont know the person. They cant find this
person. The snip of audio is a little difficult to discern, really.
MISTY MARRIS, DEFENSE ATTORNEY: Yes, but you know what? The power of technology has changed police investigations. There is going to be someone
out there who recognizes that voice, who thinks, Hey, that person in the photo could be someone I know. And it`s shows like these that are going to
help bring this murderer to justice.
CASAREZ: You know, and let`s listen right now to the FBI for the state of Indiana. He today spoke, And listen to what he wants people to be alerted
toward. It`s very important.
UNIDENTIFIED MALE: To the members of the community, when I met with our behavior analysis unit -- and their expertise and their experience -- it is
oftentimes even unwitting that a member of the community may have information that is germane to this investigation.
And I`d like the community to go back nine days and go back to the afternoon of February 13th, Monday, February 13th, and just think if you
had an interaction with an individual who inexplicably canceled an appointment that you had had together or an individual called into work
sick and canceled out (ph) an important appointment or a social engagement, and at the time gave what would have been a plausible explanation -- My
cell phone broke or I had flat tire on my car -- but in retrospect, that excuse no longer holds water.
That may be important. Likely so, are behavioral indicators that this individual may have exhibited since the afternoon of May (sic) 13th. Did
this individual travel unexpectedly? Did they change their appearance? Did they shave their beard, cut their hair, cut their hair, changed the
color of their hair? The superintendent mentioned the clothes that this individual was wearing in the photo. Did they change the way they dress?
Did their behavior change? Did their sleep pattern is different now? Did they start abusing drugs or alcohol, whereas they would not have? Have
they been anxious, nervous, irritable? Have they followed this case and what the media is putting out with a sense that is not normal? Have they
had ongoing discussions regarding their whereabouts on that afternoon or thereafter?
Please, if you have that information, call that in to the tip line.
CASAREZ: ... ask you, have you gotten tips today? Your press conference was this morning. Are you getting more people that say they may know
[20:25:00]SLOCUM: Speaking with the supervisor of our call center, she said moments after the release of the audio that all 10 of the lines that
we have coming in our command center lit up, and they continue to light up throughout the day. So people are providing us with information, and that
is much appreciated.
CASAREZ: All right. Well, we thank you for coming on. We will stay on this case. And once again, we want everybody to know it is not just
confined to Indiana at this point. Delphi is close to a highway, and they believe this person or persons could be anywhere in this country.
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2022.01.23 18:19 NoIdeaWhat622 Is a secret relationship possible?

Ok so I (M22) have had an on and off again thing with this girl (F23) a few years. We are a pretty good match for each other, so to speak, but there are a lot of red flags from both of us. My friend group hates her, and hers hates me. she is a virgin, I’m not an overly sexual person, but I would like something sexual. She has never had a relationship before but really wants one, I have had a few but I get bored quick, but I have a feeling with her it might work somehow. I think if we kept it a secret from our friends it might work out a little better than last time, I’m also getting a new apartment soon in another town not far from our friends, so we will have a quite place to go to without the risk of getting caught by our friends. Is this a stupid idea? Or could it maybe work?
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2022.01.23 18:19 throway5551212 One bedroom apartment near UA and OSU for rent, flexible lease terms

Listing here:
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2022.01.23 18:19 manwitrock What are the biggest misconceptions non-Americans get by watching American movies?

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2022.01.23 18:19 gods10rules Lawmakers discuss changes to Electoral Count Act after Jan. 6

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2022.01.23 18:19 prototype_rick Has anybody used a Switch Lite case for their Vita?

I bought a Smatree case but it's too thick to fit in my backpack and was wondering if a Switch Lite case would be a good alternative to use for a while. I would like to hear your thoughts if you have done this. Some photos would be great as well. Thank you for your time fellow Vita enthusiasts
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2022.01.23 18:19 Zestyclose_Arugula71 Kent Police officer seriously injured during police pursuit

The motorbike he was chasing was going the wrong way down the M25 near Junction 3. He has been airlifted to hospital with serious injuries.
Officer hit by motorbike going wrong way on M25 airlifted to hospital https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-kent-60105827
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Two Banana Patrons
Stream length: 3 hours - Previous stream: January 14th, Codenames
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