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Why does everyone think the Outlanders are a new faction?

The rest you may complete but does not yield Rep with Timbermaw Hold.-Find the cauldron, collect green sludge, return to Donovo Snowden.-Speak to witch doctor to finish the quest you received while killing Furbolgs. (Killing Rimepelt quest does not give rep either, but it is a 5yrd away quest. Blades of Khorne Army Overview . Khorne was one of the first battletomes to ever be created as part of the Starter Set for Age of Sigmar 1.0. Its second iteration in 2017 established a new pattern for battletomes with new updated rules and allegiance abilities, while the most recent iteration, in 2019, brings Khorne into Age of Sigmar 2.0. Blades of Khorne represent both the mortal (more human ... Comment by Sipder2 To unlock The Avowed reputation you need complete the following quests:. The Absolution of Souls Meet the Accuser at Absolution Crypt. More info here.; An Abuse of Power Subjugate the Abused Soul. More info here.; The Proper Souls Subjugate 4 Fugitive Souls and deliver them to the Accuser. More info here.; The Proper Tools Collect Venthyr Ritual Robes, Dagger, and Tome.

2022.01.23 18:16 cesspool-dweller Why does everyone think the Outlanders are a new faction?

Every single person on this sub seems to be convinced that ‘the Outlanders’ are a completely seperate and unique faction apart from everyone else in the roster, that’s just simply not true, in the stream they literally EXPLICITLY MENTION THE FACT THEY ARENT A FACTION, they almost always refer to the Outlanders as “group” and Ian Cardona, the game writer for FH quite literally says “They’re not a faction per se, they’re more of a group of warriors from different backgrounds and cultures” if that’s not as clear as day him saying that they aren’t a faction I don’t know what is, even the game director, Nicolas Bombray, never ever calls them a faction. It genuinely completely baffles me that people think they’re gonna be a new faction with completely new outfits and everything, but if this does turn out to be true, that they ARE a faction then i’m literally drinking my own piss and filming it, but that will never happen, because they aren’t a faction. It’s almost like people are just parroting a big For Honor community member who completely misunderstood the whole part of the stream where they discuss this.
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2022.01.23 18:16 Lambo_Geeney I designed and 3D printed snow skis that use the pontoon attachments! Now I just need it to snow...

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2022.01.23 18:16 mestrenandi Legendary U.S Agent Pistol [99 Stealth] [10 Reloading Time] [30 Accuracy] (Scope Attachment +70 Accuracy)

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Wich karma do you think is more important?
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2022.01.23 18:16 memeweazel Crazy Ned theory

Okay so guys just hear me out and let me know whether you agree or not…. As in all previous Spider-Man stories Peter’s best friend became a villain and Ned hasn’t become one yet. I really think it would be possible that Ned is going to be the next Venom. This because in the post credit scene we could see a little drop of Venom symbiotic being left alone…. What do you guys think?
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RetroVerse_nft: 1990 to 1999 Discord / Instagram / Twitter / Website
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2022.01.23 18:16 Truzzolo_10 I need help

Is there a plugin which executes a command with a condition (for ex. when 8 players are in a world)? Because i nedd a way to create an autostarter for Screaming bedwars, thanks
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2022.01.23 18:16 The_Law_of_Pizza End-Game Exalted Farming

I've reached the point in my build where I'm farming the empowered monolith, and mt gear is about as good as it can get without being Exalted.
Is there a particular meta strategy for farming exalted gear? Any sort of targeted farming available, like how certain regions of the monolith focus on types of uniques?
Or is it just a mix of random luck in the empowered monolith plus getting lucky with bonuses in the legendary dungeon?
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2022.01.23 18:16 dirtyharrison Huge protest in DC today, no media is covering it at all right now. It’s as if it never happened.

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2022.01.23 18:16 genmischief Now that M$ is buying the corp, does that mean Tencent is out?

The huge soulless Chinese mega-corp, tencent has had its claws in OverWatch/Blizzard for the last few years.
Now that M$ is buying them, are we free of Tencent?
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2022.01.23 18:16 ComradeCoffeehouse Local Texas church changes doctrinal statement to include transphobia. Nerd reads the receipts out loud.

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2022.01.23 18:16 FrictionIsAGoodThing ULPT REQUEST - I've lost a company (big corp) laptop. What story can I tell that is most likely to get this excused?

I stupidly took it with me on vacation, thinking I could catch up on some work (on my own time!) when I was in the plane. I took it out of my purse, set it by the side of my seat (next to the window) and ... of course, simply forgot about it in my haste to catch the next plane. The airline says they don't have it.
The data was encrypted, and it wasn't a particularly expensive laptop. But I do stand to suffer repercussions at work. Yes I am an idiot, but how can I explain its loss in a way that doesn't bring the wrath of my bosses down on me?
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2022.01.23 18:16 Juniper41 [OC] Why does KP start so hot then cool off in the second half? I'm not sure but here are some numbers I found.

1st Quarters:
Porziņģis averages 7.7 MPG (Typically playing from tip off until about 6 minutes left, then takes a breather and comes back in around the 90 second mark and closes out the first quarter.
In those 7.7 MPG, KP averages 6.5 PPG (30.4 Points per 36) and he does it on 50/31/89 shooting.

2nd Quarters:
Porziņģis averages 7.9 MPG typically carrying over from the first half and playing midway through the second, takinga another breather and then closing out the 2nd half. In 2nd Quarters he is averaging 5.7 PPG (25.9 PP36). This leads our team, Luka is a close 2nd at 5.6 points each second quarter. KP is shooting really well in 2nd quarters, going 47/38/90 from the field.

In total KP is averaging 15.6 MPG in the first half, and averaging 12.2 points. That's 24.4 points per game assuming he maintained the same scoring level in the second half. He doesn't though. In each of the first two quarters he's getting about 4-5 FGA, (4.5 in Q1 and 4.2 in Q2) for a first half total of around 8-10 FGA on average. And rightfully so he's warranting the attempts.
In first halves this season he's averaging 12.2 points on 49/33/89 shooting and is a +2.6. The points are second to Luka (13.3 points per first half), his efficiency is the 3rd best of the starters (just behind Powell and Brunson) and his +/- is the best on the team. Long story short, he really excels in first halves.
First Half Stats: 12.2 PPG, 4.4 RPG, 1.2 APG, 0.4 SPG, 1.0 BPG on 49/33/89 shooting

3rd Quarters: This is where we see a major drop off. Porziņģis goes from 2nd and 1st in the first and second quarter scoring respectively all the way down to 4th highest on the team, just barely edging out THJ with 3.7 points per 3rd Quarter. KP is taking 3.4 FGA each 3rd quarter and playing 7.5 minutes per 3rd quarter. The rotations have largely been the same and he's playing the same amount of time, but his numbers are taking a huge hit.
In third quarters, KP is averaging 3.7 points on 36/24/84 shooting. Per 36 that is 17.8 points, not great.
These numbers actually drop considerably in games without Luka. From December 12th to December 31st (games Luka missed and KP played), Porziņģis averaged 3.6 points per 3rd quarter on an abysmal 29/10/86 shooting.
Porziņģis quick starts have been documented in this sub but the cause has typically been chalked up to fatigue, but you would think fatigue wouldn't impact a player this much especially coming out of halftime where they had a 30 minute rest.
4th Quarters: KP regains some form in the fourth quarters, where he plays 7.8 minutes and averaged 4.4 points per fourth quarter (18.5 points per game, extrapolated to per36) it's not great but better than his abysmal 3rd quarter stats. His shooting is better, in 4th quarters he is averaging 48/24/88 shooting. His 4thQ 3PT% is lower due to some late game heaves at the buzzer but still not great.
His 4th quarter numbers were definitely better during the stretch Luka missed games. In games Luka missed in December, KP averaged 7.3 minutes per 4th Q and averaged 6 points per 4th quarter on 63/50/83. Very good but only 7 games total and prone to outliers.
Second Half Stats: 7.7 PPG, 3.5 RPG, 1.0 APG, 0.3 SPG, 0.6 BPG on 41/24/87 shooting

So pretty drastic difference here between halves with first half KP looking like an MVP candidate and second half KP looking like a role player, so what is happening here?
I think fatigue is definitely part of it, regardless of lineup his first halves are consistently better than his second halves. He's taking 2.5 more FGA in first halves and scoring more efficiently. It doesn't appear that Luka and him sharing the court has much of an impact either.
First quarters which are typically a KP/Luka quarter, have virtually the same stats as 2nd quarters which is typically a KP/Brunson quarter. It's really a tale of two halves. Which points towards fatigue, because if all variables are the same but his start of the games are consistently better it seems like he's just getting tired during the game, very likely.
There is a slight difference in 2nd half stats when you look at games where Luka plays v doesn't.
2nd half KP in games without Luka is averaging 8.9 points (17.8 per 36) on 44/22/85 shooting. He's getting more attempts but his catch and shoot percentages are suffering.
When KP is getting his shots:
In first halves KP is taking 2.6 FGA within the first 9 seconds of the 24 second shot clock. These are considered "easy buckets" typically before the defense is fully set, often a result of the Mavs getting out and running and initiating offense before the defense is ready.
In these types of shots KP is shooting really well ~50% from the field and ~36% from 3.
4.2 of KP's first half FGA come from shots midway through the shotclock (15-7 seconds), he shoots 51% from the field and 33% from 3 on those attempts.
In total 31% of KP's first half FGA are from quick offensive sets where he can make an easy bucket before the defense sets.
This % drops down to just 28% of KP's FGA in second halves, he's taking more shots later in the shot clock in the second half than in the first.

tldr; So in total it looks like KP's slumping is a number of things.

  1. He's tired, across different lineups and throughout the year KP has played better in the first half than the second half.
  2. Luka and to a smaller extent, Brunson are just taking more FGA. KP relies on Luka and Brunson to find him in his spots and he is receiving the ball less in the second half and not having as many FGA
  3. The types of shots KP is taking are different. KP is taking more shots early in the shot clock during the first halves of games and more shots late in the shot clock in the second halves of games. These early shot clock shots are high percentage looks typically when the defense hasn't fully set.
If we are wanting to keep KP involved in the second half I think it's imperative to continue to work on his conditioning, as well as looking to run more in the second half and create easier baskets earlier in the shot clock to get him going. He's such a valuable scoring threat in first halves, it would be incredible to have his first half punch for the entire game.
Thanks for coming to my TED talk.
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