Finally Found One Of These R.I.P STEEZ

2022.01.23 19:18 beastcoast96 Finally Found One Of These R.I.P STEEZ

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2022.01.23 19:18 Fleetwood-matt Way to make the golden ticket a bit better

Seeing alot of talk about how the ticket feels too produced or it may be anti-climatic. So i thought of a cool idea that may help it. A top 4 girl having the ticket and never revelaing it would be anti-climatic, but what if they got a reward for holding onto it? Say its truly random and even the producers dont know who has it, In this scenario x queen has it and never has to use it. Then at the finale they can reveal the last few bar and when x queen pulls out the ticket she can get an extra cash tip as reward for never using it
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2022.01.23 19:18 svveetxx is my conch piercing too far in? plan on switching to a hoop once it heals

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2022.01.23 19:18 Pixies-Channel First time following a van with the DJI Mini 2

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2022.01.23 19:18 AsuraRasu Did I Make The Right Choice

I (23M) ended my relationship with my (22F) girlfriend a few weeks before our anniversary. Throughout our whole entire relationship, I believed we always loved each other. When it was good, it was amazing but when it was bad, it progressively gets worse. I will admit I had my faults in the relationship, I said little lies I didn't think she would've gotten mad over such as using another woman's Netflix account (she got mad I was using an account from one of my friends who she disliked because of dirty joke I made and I lied and told her no just to not see her mad. The dirty joke was wrong on my end, I never planned to do anything but as it was a close friend, I didn't think about it and how it would affect her and that was completely wrong of me). I lied about trying out an edible for the first time (was never into it but I was I tried with family) but I have corrected those mistakes to work with her and get through things so we would move on better together.
In 2020, she once shared a tweet with me about what her ex said on Twitter about her being sloppy or whatever. She didn't pay it no mind but as her partner it bothered me that 1. He said those things about her and 2. Why does she have him on Twitter. I did a little digging around to find out who he was and I did so.. I told her about it to because I did not want to keep secrets between us and she gets upset. I understand the reason of her getting up but this is where things start to go down hill. She starts texting her ex and I start getting upset by it. They start texting for a few months until June 2020, she breaks up with me for 1 day to get meet up with her ex to figure out if she still has feelings for him. She tells me they kissed and that she felt "nothing," and then we get back together the following night. My mistake was allowing us to be together after she does that, I felt that I had no time to process what went on. After this happened, she remains to be friends with him and I ask her to please stop being friends with him, it makes me uncomfortable as your man that you are friends with your ex. Nothing ever happens.
Fast-forward to September near our anniversary date, she gets a text from him saying that they can't be friends because he is still in love with her after 3-4 years when they broke up and they stop talking. She then goes on to reminisce her times with him to me on the phone and I'm just really uncomfortable where she says things "I miss when he use to treat me like a princess and put his hand on my thighs while we went on drives," but if I were to speak up, I'd be an asshole and not care about her feelings so I just had to take it. Am I finally happy that they stop remaining to be friends? No, it was another lie because the following day, he texts her and says "I'm sorry, I still want to be friends." I still deal with this and I've been asking her to drop him as a friend but of course, my request as her mans are never met and no matter how uncomfortable I feel and express to her, nothing changes. Fast-forward to Nov 2020 near election day, I go out with my friends to go pick up a new car he bought because he had helped me with something prior and I had promised whenever he needs to do something, even if he needs someone to go with him, I'll be there. She was mad that I was out that day because of the elections and not knowing how people will react but I told her we are good were in a 4 man group. She gets so angry that that week, she goes out to see her ex twice and spend over 4 hours outside with this man yet it always ends up being my fault and I'm the bad guy. The chronicles of her and her ex do not stop here.
Now it's December and shes mad at me for flying to Florida for Thanksgiving weekend to be with my family because my mental health was going to shit being in a toxic household. I tell her about the plans before even getting a plane ticket and she says that's cool that she'd be happy I'm going but once I buy the ticket and let her know, I never let her know? We talked about it and we moved past it. This is where I say one of the lies to her about doing edibles, I felt extremely guilty about lying so once I got back home, I told I'm sorry that I lied and I did that, I felt embarrassed and that you would look at me different. It was stupid of me because she is my partner and wouldn't think anything different of me for something minor but she didn't take that lightly especially because we had a horrible conversation before I left from Florida. While I was at Florida, she hung out with her ex in secret and went to dinner with him and told me she wanted to kiss him but she didn't. It's a few days before Christmas and she tells me she wants to break up, I get upset and ask her why and she says it has to happen. We go to sleep and then the next day she says she changes her mind. I keep asking her why and she gets angry every time. We had plans that I stay over her house on Xmas, so when the day comes I stay over but she is upset and she gets presents for him and they meet up while I'm upstairs. This puts a bad attitude on me and her parents notice it but they don't ask.
From the months of January to March, she hangs out with him, talks to him and plays games with him. I don't know why I put myself through it but I remain patient. I even took her to the mall so she can see her ex and I hated myself for a very long time to allow that to happen. I have the worst feeling in my gut for months yet she says she remains to choose me regardless of everything that has happened. There was a time where I came over to her house but she wasn't there. I hung out with her brother fixing his PS4 until she got home but she gave me a big attitude over the phone. I ask her where she's at and if she's alone and she says to not worry about it. I'll call this "instance A" to come back to it later. She gets home later and we speak and we move on, February is just filled with arguments and fighting, March we have issues and try to work and speak. April we actually do good. She stop talking to her ex, we get through some obstacles but comes the end of April, start of May. Everything goes back to being shit and we argue. She gets extremely angry with me and we meet up and talk about it and she tells me she cheated on me twice around Jan-March three times. The day instance A happened was one of them. I once again, remain to stay in the relationship and think we can work through it and promises they will cut each other off.
June comes and we are bad still but to no surprise, they meet up again to talk and stop being friends and promising that will be the last time. July comes and yet again lol. I stopped being surprised a long time ago but always had always felt the same way. They meet for the last time while we're together and promise they will only talk to each other when really needed. I still have no problems with it but it bothers me. We continue to have problems but it's not as bad until August. Things got bad and I didn't understand why much but it became difficult. Eventually I was conflicted about wanting to continue the relationship and ending. I chose to end the relationship due to my mental health declining with everything that I hadn't properly dealt with and every fight that happened between us.
There are many other things as well that I know I've done wrong such as raise my voice at her when I felt that she wasn't listening to what I had to say and shuts me down. This problem has occurred repeatedly. I forgot to add that in January, I had told I walked to a bridge due to everything that has happened, I never once thought about taking my life or felt suicidal but I felt inclined to walk to the bridge and take a view of the city and walk back home. I tell her about this and one day when we argue, she throws this at my face and tells me to go jump off a bridge and kill myself. I never expected her to say that to me ever while we were together. I had expressed how fucked up that was and it took a few days for her to apologize saying that. Even then I remained in the relationship, forgave her and never dealt with it properly. It's been about 4 months since I've seen her and I will not lie, I really miss her but I know we're not good together and I have distanced myself away from her, her family and our friends. It feels wrong because at the end of the day, I do love her and her family but I know that we can't be together and it sucks. I don't know I am an asshole, if I play victim, if I'm just shaming. I've just been feeling lost over it.
Am I wrong for how the relationship went? Am I an asshole at the end of the day? Do I deserve what happened? I don't know if I'm victimizing myself right now but I do miss our times.
TL;DR: My relationship with my ex has been declining because of so many problems that have appeared and I have pushed so many people away. I do miss her and would like to have no negative energy but I know I can't let the things to happen go.
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2022.01.23 19:18 derekl43 Anyones RAK miner flatlined?

Switched out the SD card not too long ago and it’s been up and running until the last 24 hours. Diagnosed it and it’s fully synced to blockchain, wifi, and up to date on blocks. Anyone having any issues?
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2022.01.23 19:18 PoorPeterPaker Spider-Man homecoming CGI.

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2022.01.23 19:18 ComiX-Fan January 24th saw the debut of Weapon X in Marvel Comics Presents #72 in 1991! Celebrate its anniversary with this gallery of Marvel covers!

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2022.01.23 19:18 Djungleskogluv Sunbath Sphynx

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2022.01.23 19:18 TheOnyxViper [1st gen Eagle Talon Turbo] I wonder where it’s headin

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2022.01.23 19:18 ferna707 confused on good faith violations

So if i have a balance of 1000 and then i buy an option that is 900 and sell it within the same day and made 90 bucks. Those 900 dollars are unsettled right? So if i buy something again after 5 minutes for 900 and again made 90 bucks, i would then get a gfv right? Most examples ive seen online were not like this so im asking myself
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2022.01.23 19:18 Itchy_Insurance_9736 LF Victini FT any 2 of the Following Shiny Aron Shiny Slurpuff Shiny Applin Shiny Grimsnarl

LF Victini FT any 2 of the Following Shiny Aron Shiny Slurpuff Shiny Applin Shiny Grimsnarl
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2022.01.23 19:18 Common-Sail Freckles, Bedhead & Religion

Freckles You've got freckles on your shoulders. I never knew that before until that picture of you was posted in the group chat. That day I was really drunk, laying in bed trying to fight off bed spins. For once I decided to be vocal in the chat and it really paid off... When it was posted as a playful joke to help me feel better, no one knew that it actually did help. I got to see you. Learn that about you. See your lips slightly parted like that. Admittedly I got a little heated by it. Started feeling a sense of envy that I wasn't there to see you sunbathe. That I wasn't as close as they were to you. But then my attention drifted back to your freckles, and how I wanted to press the tip of my finger against each one. Count them all and memorize the number. So I imagined that until I passed out.
Bedhead I don't understand how someone can be so fucking adorable without even trying. Just by existing. I was standing in the hallway, mid conversation with a coworker, and by chance you were leaving your room to get ready for work. She made a playful remark about your bedhead and once it was pointed out I had to look. I couldn't help but smile and admire you then. I've never seen you in a natural, pre-done up state like that before. I thought you looked cute with your hair tousled. In secret I wanted to run my fingers through it and mess it up some more because fuck regs, you look cute like that too. You never said anything, had this stern look on your face and held eye contact a little longer before looking away and entering the restroom. I worried that maybe you misinterpreted the look I was giving you for mockery. Far from it. It was one of adoration.
Religion My thoughts will sometimes drift back to a conversation I overheard. I don't remember how it started but eventually you made a joke relating to sex and a coworker brought up your body count. Two things immediately jumped to mind. The first was getting upset by the fact he felt the need to bring that up at all, it's no one's business, and it felt insulting towards you as if the amount of times validates or invalidates a person in any way. I regret not speaking up to defend you back then, I should've. But then I found myself shocked because I knew that a body count at all goes against your religious beliefs. You taught me that a long time ago when I was curious to learn more about your religion. Thinking back, you started drinking coffee too which I thought was strange. And another conversation I remember is when you identified as Christian, which further confused me. Is that an identifier that's used interchangeably with your religion? (honest question, my Agnostic ass isn't as well versed when it comes to theology). Did you convert to another? When did all this happen? I have so many questions... but overall I find myself concerned. Is that one of the things you're struggling with right now? In terms of self identity, I mean. I can't begin to imagine the possible inner turmoil someone would go through, working against something they were raised on their whole life. Fuck. I hope this doesn't sound like I'm chastising you. I'm not. You can believe whatever you feel is right to believe in, live whatever life you want to live, and I'll never love you any less for it. I'm just worried about you and what you're going through is all.
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2022.01.23 19:18 saucy__b0y Have you ever seen a opossum in real life?

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2022.01.23 19:18 RizeScumisDead Aegean Turkish attire (+Michael Jackson in Istanbul) 📷 👘

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2022.01.23 19:18 Plinko321 F-16 Assortment

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2022.01.23 19:18 mommymommymolly I feel bad for feeling like this, but anyways

I don’t enjoy living with my family. My mother is divorced and we live with my 21 years old brother (who will move out in 2 months) and my 8 years old sister. I am 18.
The divorce was 7 years ago. We moved into 8 different houses since. My mom had boyfriends with whom she wanted to live with and she moved us with them. It all ended up with cheating or something similar and the last one ended when they were both in deep depression, so they were simply never happy. My mom had suicidal thoughts and ended up hospitalized for months. Me and my siblings were all separated during this time, each at aunts’ and uncles’ houses. Now mom has been financé for 2 years and promised me to not move elsewhere until I finish college, so, in 3 years.
Anyways, I thought it’d be a lil bit more stable, but it ain’t much. My mom works, then stops for months because she has depression. Her doctor prescribes her tons of medications that don’t seem to work well and she has to sleep. She also takes shots to loose weight that makes her shit and eat less (I don’t like that). She sleeps sometimes, stays at home or goes out shopping.
I understand her exhaustion. My father is a fucking piece of crap that never helped her raising us and since the divorce, she has to raise an autistic child (my sister). My sister is really doing well academically, but she has the maturity and autonomy of a 5 years old. She cannot wash without supervision, dress without supervision, etc. So it’s all up to my mom and sometimes me and my brother. There is also work and all house chores.
But she doesn’t do much house chores. There is a big pile of her and my sister cleaned clothes in the basement, towels are never washed so I gotta wash a couple of them if I wanna be dry when getting out of the shower…
I do the dishes and a couple hours later there’s already a big pile with food in them. My family isn’t even able to throw the food away and put their dishes in the fucking empty dishwasher. There are lunch containers still full. It’s still not hard to throw it away. Then my mom asks me to do the dishes and if I refuse I’ll be seen as a lazy selfish bitch and get the "I do everything in here for you" kind of speech.
We also have a cat. My mom adopted a cat. I am the only one that take care of it. When I’m out for too long, the litter box gets disgusting and no one changes his water. It’s all fucking disgusting. Sometimes they forget to feed him.
And meals. Sometimes I don’t get a lunch or a dinner. My mom forgets to make dinner or she only does it for her and my sister. I don’t have the money to order on Skip The Dishes every fucking day and I still don’t have my driver’s licence.
Anyways, it’s things like that that annoy me. The house is clean in general, but not always. I know that my mom struggles and I try to help, but I’m not always here or I’d like to take my free time for my studies.
My brother doesn’t care cause he’ll move out, I don’t know if I’ll go with him. My boyfriend would like me to live with him, but his appartement isn’t big enough. He already has his roommates in. And rest of family doesn’t give a fuck.
I cannot wait to move out, but we also have all we need and are not poor or homeless. I love my family, but I don’t like living with them.
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2022.01.23 19:18 Olashotme No pings at all:(

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2022.01.23 19:18 valentinafreidys Kik freidy1 🤤🤤

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2022.01.23 19:18 wreckitlots Peak of Craigrath Aberdeenshire In Scotland. Enjoying the freedom of being able to go fast on tarmac but take advantage of off road routes and catch views like this. Although this was tough! Pushing in places.

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