About 2 weeks worth. If my math is right, this puts me in the top 30 listeners on Spotify

2021.12.02 22:25 j_t_n About 2 weeks worth. If my math is right, this puts me in the top 30 listeners on Spotify

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2021.12.02 22:25 JennaMarblesFanClub There are two male lions on Noah's Ark.

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2021.12.02 22:25 rtwyyn Which of the following plants are "tougher" / easier to take care of ?

Hello everyone!
Currently i have 2 plants: Snake plant and Pothos and i love them!
I want to add 1 more :) My room has relatively low natural sun light (there are 2 windows, but they are relatively shadowy with not much direct sun shine)
I am considering 4:

Which one will be more suitable for my light conditions and tougher (i am not yet 100% sure in my plant caring abilities :) )
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2021.12.02 22:25 Skyhigh911 "i can't make myself love people who are unlovable"

Finally watching Kody and Meris 30 anniversary episode and I'm just MIND BLOWN.
Him just trying to convince her to leave. Like grow up and just leave her if you really don't love her and find her so unlovable. And he's clearly also talking about Christine not being lovable.
I would love to know if Mariah watched this episode and talked to her mom because this is just cruel and heartbreaking.
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2021.12.02 22:25 Zepanda66 My vaccine pass keeps disappearing from my phones home screen

Galaxy s10+ user. I saw this bug mentioned earlier today in the main thread. Is there a fix yet?
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2021.12.02 22:25 Kyle_Pile Besides an Ambiguous Title, There is Not a SINGLE Reason to Think Mihawk>Shanks

Besides an Ambiguous Title, There is Not a SINGLE Reason to Think Mihawk>Shanks So lets start off with why Mihawk's title is ambiguous. u/Javierm885778 pointed this out to me today. I am in no way taking credit for what he was able to teach me. He enlightened me on the following. Upon researching it, I was able to add Vista as well in the last paragraph. Big thanks to Javier for pointing this out.
Mihawk's "title" is sort of inconsistent, and he's called different things in multiple places. The one I was talking about is the one in his initial infobox, but he's been referred to differently in separate occasions. This makes more sense than what I was under the impression of. The one I mentioned is still the one usually paired with Mihawk in official media
The biggest difference between the two I mentioned is the word used for swordsman. Zoro always uses 剣豪, and sometimes the variation 大剣豪, when talking about his dream. The word used in Mihawk's initial infobox as WSS is the usual word you use for swordsmen 剣士. 剣豪 translates to "great swordsman; master fencer​". It implies some sort of mastery and greatness on its own. 大剣豪 is just big/great + 剣豪. You might have seen a tweet by sandman talking about this term, and how translations usually seem to drop it
This term of 大剣豪 is mostly absent from English translations and discussions, which mischaracterizes Zoro's dream IMO. Zoro doesn't just want to become stronger however he can. He wants to become a master swordsman, whose strength comes from his blade. When he prostrated himself before Mihawk he asked him to teach him the blade, and Zoro's character and fighting style has been very focused on more than just wielding blades regarding his swordsmanship.
But when you try to make a distinction between characters like Zoro, Mihawk, Vista, and Ryuma with anyone who fights with a sword you get ridiculed. And still, since Mihawk's most common "title" uses 剣士 rather than 剣豪 it's not like we can really tell for sure. For all we know Oda could just see 剣豪 as a very strong 剣士. Oda hasn't really explored what he means by 大剣豪, and we just know Mihawk, Vista, and Ryuma are called such, and Zoro aims to become one (and the strongest at that).

So lets instead focus on shanks title of Yonko and how strong he was stated to by Garp, one of the strongest characters in the entire series.

Yonko are stated to be the 4 greatest pirates in the world. Shanks of which is stated to be on the same level as whitebeard.

This sentiment of Shanks being on the same level as WB is ultimately proven by not only their clash, but the similarities between their clash, and Kaido/BM's clash, who are inferred to be on the same level as each other.

Shanks was able to block Akainu's attack with ease.

Shanks goes on to then challenge the entire WG, Mihawk/Shichibukai, and the BB pirates, with a crew 1/100th the size of Whitebeards. NONE of which wanted the smoke, including Mihawk.

So on top of all of this, Shanks is practically the most important character in the entire series. He was given Roger's strawhat which is implied to have immense importance. He gave said hat to Luffy, and inspired the main character to even become a pirate. He has meetings with the gorosei. He most likely had knowledge as to why the Gomu Gomu no mi is so important. He could not be any more important.

Now let's get onto Mihawk's feats and how he compares to Shanks.
Mihawk admits there's a gap in strength between Whitebeard and himself, where as Shanks was said to be on the same level, and we have little reason to think otherwise. Whitebeard couldn't even use basic observation haki or basic conquerors haki though. He could not use a single advanced application of haki, and was limited to basic armament. With the epithet "Clairvoyant", it's abundantly clear he's proficient in Observation haki. Basic observation haki of which was shown by Rayleigh to be able to sense exactly how strong someone is, when he tells Luffy on Rusukaina there's 500 animals stronger than him.

In order to test the gap in strength between Whitebeard and himself, Mihawk sends what is stated to be "the worlds strongest slash" at WB. It makes sense that this is in fact the worlds strongest slash, as the intended goal was to test a gap in strength. Yet it was easily blocked by Jozu, a YC. Prior to haki, this could be explained away with the breath of all things. Post advanced armament and especially advanced conquerors, there is no way to explain this... Mihawk's Haki should've been enough as other characters were able to hurt Jozu as evidenced below.

Aokiji was successfully able to take Jozu's arm. Doflamingo managed to take 0 damage from this attack by Aokiji comparatively. Speaking of doffy though...

Jozu's haki was weak enough to be parasited by Doffy, but he easily tanked the worlds strongest slash....

Crocodile clashing with Mihawk and stopping his attack. Now compare this to Crocodile vs jozu below.

Jozu by comparison was able to send Crocodile FLYING.

Mihawk apologizing to Shanks for actually trying against Luffy.

Pre Haki Luffy capable of dodging a self admitted serious Mihawks attacks.

Some more pre haki Luffy dodging Mihawks attacks (500 animals on Rusukaina stronger than him btw lol).

Vista, a YC, tied with a yonko level character..?

Mihawk fans love vivre cards, but what about when they don't affirm confirmation bias? Are vivre cards still canon when they state Vista can fight on par with Mihawk?

Confirmation either Vista or Mihawk could've won that fight.

What the hell am I missing here? Am I even reading the same manga as everyone else? Besides an ambiguous title that could perfectly well reflect swordsmanship alone, and not overall strength, we have not a single reason to think Mihawk is stronger than Shanks lol... Said title should even hold very little important in this conversation, when this was stated in SBS 87:
What's the name of Red-Haired Shanks's sword? -​P.N. Kooshi
O: Apparently it's called ''Griffon''. We've known Shanks ever since the very first chapter, but how does he actually fight?
User Brings up Shanks sword
Oda states we don't know how he fights yet
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2021.12.02 22:25 Goodbye18000 WHO'S NEXT? FIND OUT DECEMBER 5TH

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2021.12.02 22:25 FlyingTurtle4790 Smh

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2021.12.02 22:25 waltonMark Wand Holster of Quickness

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2021.12.02 22:25 Last-Mechanic-6740 Naturally talented or just super hard working??

What are the secrets of people that do exceptionally well in premed classes? Have they been prepping for this since childhood? Are they just naturally good at science subjects or do they study 12 hours a day or a combination of both? I work as hard as I can and I hardly see results, like am I j just too dumb for this or am I doing something wrong :/
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2021.12.02 22:25 vaibhavkeshari Difficult Tradeoff: Dilanni Online or Buckley in Person for ECON302

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2021.12.02 22:25 alyssafranco227 f20 what do y’all think? :)

f20 what do y’all think? :) submitted by alyssafranco227 to amihot [link] [comments]

2021.12.02 22:25 bjmoss03 People who workout, what pushes you through those last few reps?

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2021.12.02 22:25 SsandorClegane What would be the best way to start a rebellion ((not joking))?

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2021.12.02 22:25 asecretspy [27M] Just a dude who lives a pretty vanilla life

Hey there, nice of you to stop by. I’m in search of someone to text, a texting buddy I suppose. I keep my options open and don’t be afraid to ghost if the convo starts to get dry. I’m from the Ohio, USA, too, and I know some Chinese as I learned it in school.
Tell me about yourself and why you chose to message me. I’m interested in sort of giving advice or my opinion on situations or just life in general. Please, feel free to ask.
By “vanilla life” I mean I don’t do drugs, drink or party. I just like to play video games on my PS5 or Switch after I get off work. Yeah, just an ordinary life. I have two cats whom I’ll be sure to share pics of with you.
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2021.12.02 22:25 ccfrancisbooks Verapamil

Anyone else tried this? Seems to have virtually eliminated my chronic migraine.
This was about tenth on the list of preventatives I've tried - and by far the most effective.
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2021.12.02 22:25 De_moon_light909 Noxygen really gives a nice pump and makes you more vascular.

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2021.12.02 22:25 Hondadork89 Second grow starting out well seeds popped Thanksgiving day and Black Friday morning! Happy holladays! Couple Mephisto freebees

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2021.12.02 22:25 giovannas_simp Precious Gem Grind

I'm going for the Plat and only have the stasis field to finish up with about 38,921 left to do it. Is it true that grinding the ore mining in Ravens DLC works bettefaster than on mission 19? I've already been doing 19 this far and it's REALLY boring, is that a better method?
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2021.12.02 22:25 blisterfeef Anybody has any info in how to solve the invalids

I have been getting about 10 invalids in 24 hours did everything add LMR400 5.8 ram antenna at 5 meters don’t know pls help
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2021.12.02 22:25 Desde-Yuc_Mex Salud mental en el trabajo

Desde hace varios años he visto de pronto una nota de algún trabajador o ex trabajador en el extranjero que demando a la empresa donde presto su servicio porque las presiones laborales deterioraron su salud mental, incluso leí una nota de una persona que demandó a una empresa años después de dejar de trabajar para ellos, porque dijo que no podía trabajar en los nuevos lugares donde lo contrataban debido a los traumas que le había dejado esa empresa. Como alguien que ha trabajado en lugares donde la presión laboral es bastante fuerte, me pregunto ¿La salud mental está considerada en los centros laborales del país? Se le considera al empleado si ven que su estrés laboral empieza a ser visible o simplemente lo presionan más hasta que renuncia, así evitan el tema de la liquidación, no hablo de evitar una demanda porque hasta ahora no he escuchado que en México se haya hecho algo así. ¿Que piensan del tema?
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2021.12.02 22:25 gunzerrrr How do top of line L33T hackers hackers that steal hundreds of dollars get arrested? If you reach that point, hiding your IP or using an expedite vpn should be child's play at this point no?

Im just curious
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2021.12.02 22:25 paralyzecity Overwhelming Urge to be Funny

I'm 22f and I have this overwhelming urge to always be funny. Whenever I am with anyone, my main priority is to keep them laughing so they will like me more. I also use jokes in more serious times to make myself feel better about situations that would make me uncomfortable. I know I use comedy as a defense mechanism for my somewhat traumatizing childhood, but honestly, it does more bad then good. Most of the time, like maybe 65% when I say something funny, people laugh and joke around too, but that other 35%, my jokes don't land and I begin to shut down. It makes me feel like an idiot when my jokes don't spark laughter, or any reaction at all, and I start to really beat myself up for it. I don't know how to be genuine anymore. It feels like my life is ruled by my urges to be funny. I know it sounds like a joke, but it really isn't. I don't know what my personality is anymore, and I want more of a personality that balances funny and mature. Can you guys give me examples of you and your friends just chatting about things that made you feel good, where laughter isn't involved?
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2021.12.02 22:25 DaGarbageMan01 What should I do on the morning of test day?

I will be a passenger as we drive an hour to test center. Should I try and meditate, read?
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2021.12.02 22:25 mrs_krunkel Lego CNC Machine

I am looking for a Lego CNC Machine. Does anyone know where these can be purchased? I’ve seen a few out there. I’d really like to get one.
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