A banner I made for my twitter

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2021.10.22 20:16 BitObjective851 A banner I made for my twitter

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2021.10.22 20:16 game0234 Kingdom Wars: The Plague : $14.99 (-25%)

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2021.10.22 20:16 RedRasta21 Question about spraying

I think I messed up pretty bad but I’m not sure. I sprayed two whole cans of primer on a body and the grain is still showing through. How much will this affect the color coat?
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2021.10.22 20:16 SeveralFeature Is the Girlfriend Glitch Patched yet?

So Guys I'm wondering if they patched that glitch yet where If you have a Girlfriend They would just Disappear One day Or if you don't have a Girlfriend You Can't Get one because of a Glitch that makes them Also disappear. I'm wondering if they Patched the Glitch In this Update Because it's Annoying.
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2021.10.22 20:16 intothewoods0421 Lucky to be Alive!

Just want to send thanks and positivity to everyone!! So thankful to be alive at this point in time! What are the chances of being alive at this very specific point in time??
I've been here 32 two years, the universe is what, 14 billion?? Yet here I am, listening to this beautiful music. Another amazing album by my favorite band!
" In Color" has been a stand out for me so far
Heres to a great weekend enjoying this absolutely wonderful and kick and album!!! Cheers!!
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2021.10.22 20:16 EatMyPlasmids After 4 hours of trial and error, my Mona Lisa! I'm a bit of a noob but I think it turned out pretty well. I may change the colors around a little bit. (Not a png)

After 4 hours of trial and error, my Mona Lisa! I'm a bit of a noob but I think it turned out pretty well. I may change the colors around a little bit. (Not a png) submitted by EatMyPlasmids to PixelArt [link] [comments]

2021.10.22 20:16 Team_Creative Olha quem cresceu e tá jogando no Guarani

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2021.10.22 20:16 dispatchdcu The Flash #775 Review - out now!

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2021.10.22 20:16 PHiLOS81 Midnight Moon - London SW19

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2021.10.22 20:16 Mrp000pzz Carreras universitarias a evitar

Hola redditors, estoy a punto de entrar a la universidad y he estado viendo carreras, pero me surgió la duda, ¿qué carreras sienten ustedes que se deben evitar? aquí en Panamá. y, ¿Por qué?
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2021.10.22 20:16 MugShots LVMPD Traffic Alert

LVMPD Traffic Alert ACCIDENT (TRAFFIC) W CHARLESTON BLVD / COMMUNITY COLLEGE DR 10/22/2021 4:08:04 PM incident #LLV211000092946
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2021.10.22 20:16 Brandon172 Custom heroes

Is there a way to make the IA use the custom heroes abilities? They make the hero but they never use their abilities
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2021.10.22 20:16 throwRAright Gf(26f) shared a bed with her bff(26m) I(25m) dumped her she is mad

Basically what the title said. We were going on a vacation, me, her and the bff (God knows why he wanted to come with a couple). Anyways I was going to be a held up for work for 2 days and our booking date had arrived so I asked them to go ahead and I will join them. So, after 2 days I go there and go into the hotel room and surprise his luggage was also there. Ok, maybe he was changing rooms? Anyways I kept my luggage and went down and they were waiting for me and we had breakfast. Then I asked why is your luggage in our room? He said," yeah I will get another room today, since one room was already booked and you were not coming for 2 days I thought why to waste money"? Then I asked but our room only has a double bed and no couch, only sofa chair. Did you sleep on the chair? And now I see their facial expression changing. I waited for the answer, and they were just looking at me and at each other. He was like well its a very big bed and we were on the opposite ends. At this point I turned to my gf and said " you know what, we have a very different value system and a relationship between us would never work so I will let you guys stay in our booked room and get another room for myself". I was not going to let them ruin it for me, I was going to have fun. She was stunned by now, she came running after me crying and said I never cheated on you, if you want I will cut him off from my life, all I want is to be with you.
I said well I just want to enjoy my vacations alone, in my own room. She followed me to the room, crying and begging to give her another chance. But I was done. I consoled her and then took my luggage and got another room. She was still crying when I left. Some time later the bff came to my room and said he never slept with her and if I wanted he will leave right now. I told him " just the fact that she was willing to share a bed with you tells me that we are not compatible and to stay in this relationship will be wrong for both our sakes. As for if he stays or goes well I dont care."
So Reddit, did I do the right thing? Or should I have given her another chance. Personally sharing a bed with another woman will be cheating for me, I would never do that
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2021.10.22 20:16 FewExamination2561 Snap me lala_roepnaam ben jongen

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2021.10.22 20:16 Ra1ZerO Redhorne hows does it stacks vs WGS & SOBP?

Hi Guys! I saw this leak weapon for Itto, the Redhorne Stonethresher (Base atk 608, Crit Dmg 66.2%). Caught my interest how will it rank to our Cryo Queen's arsenal such as SOBP & WGS? I only have Skyward Pride currently, looking for upgrade to max her out. Im looking for discussion in this channel however couldn't find anything specially for the pre-analysis part of damage. I hope you can tag me or answer it here. Thanks!
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2021.10.22 20:16 Adventurous-Plenty98 Dɛɛpwɛв Filɛs

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2021.10.22 20:16 programwitch I just don't get it

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2021.10.22 20:16 Infinite-Ad9482 Looking for friends

[X2RQH4E] not sure why I can add anyone from their trainer codes but here’s mine. just started, I play daily.
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2021.10.22 20:16 Chuyito ETH3L went from 0.045%/day to 1%/day management fees...

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2021.10.22 20:16 TheEvilThinker A black man, a mexican and a jew walk into a bar.

The bartender: GET THE FUCK OUT!!!!
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2021.10.22 20:16 CarrierOfTime No Lancia / Lancia Stratos in the game files, was it perhaps removed?

Me being me, I've dug through the files of FH5 as it's predownloaded and out of the 537 vehicles taking off the traffic vehicles...despite seeing the Stratos in the engine audio video demo, it's not in the game at launch, anywhere. Perhaps they've had a hard time with licensing these Lancia cars along side other Italian brands like Abarth, Alfa Romeo and Fiat? It would be a shame if they had to pull the cars last minute. I doubt it will be a DLC car because we've seen it already, unless day one we get a huge release of cars last minute I worry we've lost these 4 brands this time round.
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2021.10.22 20:16 _appls2appls This format is probably unfunny now

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2021.10.22 20:16 herequeerandgreat who`s a character that you simultaneously love and hate?

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2021.10.22 20:16 aliyahfkn Snap aliyah.fkn adden für preisliste💞 Verkaufe bilder/videos nach wunsch, videocalls , live snappen und noch mehr 💝

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2021.10.22 20:16 Fickle_Telephone_980 they’re getting bigger!

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