MG Gundam Dynames - Custom LED (G.N. Drive), Water Slides Decals & Photo Etches Metal!

2021.10.22 18:37 Tanukiyasha MG Gundam Dynames - Custom LED (G.N. Drive), Water Slides Decals & Photo Etches Metal!

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2021.10.22 18:37 yeetingmemes So, is charlotte supposed to be trans? I’m really confused on that.

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2021.10.22 18:37 Naurgul Ομολογία από το Twitter: Παραδέχτηκε ότι ο αλγόριθμος προωθεί τη Δεξιά και 'κόβει' την Αριστερά

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2021.10.22 18:37 cayoperico16 Since Kumail is gonna be in the Kenobi series, do you think he could be playing Kitster , Anakins childhood friend?

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2021.10.22 18:37 Jetrulz Es ist schon sooooo lange her… Der Tendieman! u/Bombxing

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2021.10.22 18:37 isle_say Newby question I- have just started wearing hearing aids. I have BTE am worried about losing them when I remove my mask. Is there a trick to this that I am missing or a style of mask that is better than others?

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2021.10.22 18:37 JosukeHigashikata133 As I stared down the giant empty hall, no noises were heard.

But as soon as I heard footsteps behind me with the sound of a rusty gun barrel dragging along with it, I knew I wasn't alone.
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2021.10.22 18:37 Sad_Cockroach_9303 Do I End My Friendship With Her?

I made a new friend before school started and we have been texting and hanging out all the time. However I noticed that they seemed to give me the impression that they liked me romantically. I didn’t call her out or question her about it though but one day when we were watching a movie, she told me that she had feelings for me. I told her I didn’t feel the same and she kind of already expected that. Anyway, we had a long conversation about it and I let her just vent out whatever she wanted to about the situation. A couple weeks later, I noticed her making flirty comments and whatever, so I texted her “Hey you don‘t have to respond if you’re not comfortable, but I was wondering are you liking me less or??” I just wanted to see how she was progressing in moving on like she said she was going to and I didn’t know how else to phrase my question. She misinterpreted my question and thought that I was maybe beginning to like her back, but then realized that wasn’t the case and got mad at herself for getting her hopes up. So she ended up not talking to me as much for a couple days and we are the type of friends that would text every day nonstop so this was obviously weird. I decided though to just give her some space and she texted me after a couple days to kind of catch up with me. She told me how she misinterpreted the text and all and decided that she needed to get used to not talking to me all the time. She also felt like she had lost all her progress in moving on from me because she had gotten her hopes up from my text. (Something to note: My depression was coming back around this time so not having my friend around and feeling like they didn’t want to talk to me because I didn’t like them back was taking a toll on me) So I asked if they would feel better off not talking to me for a bit and she said yes. She still asked if she could check up on me but I told her I didn’t want that because I would probably lie to her. ANYWAY it is becoming incredibly hard for me to go on social media now and see her face because she posts A LOT. She is also friends with a lot of my closest friends because I introduced her to them and they all hang out with her so I see their posts of her as well. I’m also getting the idea that maybe she wasn’t really my friend in the first place and was only texting me all the time and hanging out with me so much because she liked me. Because it wouldn’t make sense to me for her to ‘get used to not talking to me all the time’ unless she was only doing that to get with me. Should I cut things off with her? I’m beginning to go through a lot right now and I don’t really need this negative energy when I’m about to fall back into my depressive episodes and need support from friends who WANT to be my friend, nothing more. Please, I don’t know if I should stay friends or not. And how do I go about ending things or continuing things?
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2021.10.22 18:37 Blood_Oleander Here's Satsuki feeling pretty. (10/17/2021)

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2021.10.22 18:37 sonicsean899 Orange ya glad?

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2021.10.22 18:37 draco42018 Can heirlooms cause crashes

Is it possible that my game is crashing due to octanes heirloom because ever since I got it I started to crash often, I was getting a error saying my server is out of sync every time I crashed and I couldn't join the game again.
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2021.10.22 18:37 haylespipe A year ago I started living at my boyfriend’s house with his paraplegic dad

I’m going to apologize ahead of time for how long this is but I need some advice here lol or at least someone to tell me I’m not in the wrong. Grants dad a is paraplegic who got into an accident at work about 13 years ago. After his accident his mother took care of him hand and foot trying to get him better again. Last year on grants birthday, his grandma let her battle with depression win and passed away in the nursing home. Since then, grant has done everything for his dad like cleaning up after him and running straight to all of his dads needs no matter the time of day or night. Grant would stay home purposely to take care of his dad because he was worried about him. His brother Allan has not bothered coming over and helping him the entire time I’ve been living here. The only time he would help him is when he would come over and bring his buddies to have a “good time” with him and then get him too plastered to the point he would not be able to transfer to the place he would be sleeping. When grant was too sick to help his dad one night when that happened his dad spitefully did not call the squad to help him, instead he called Allan over to belittle grant and threaten to kick his ass.
Allans theory is that me and grant “live here for free” so we are OBLIGATED to clean up after Rick even though he is more than capable of handling his hygiene and cleaning up after himself, by himself. I am also not a trained nurse, I had somewhere else to go the entire time and did not have to stay with them. I stayed with them to be emotional support for grant and help with little things. I dropped everything and helped Rick out with anything he asked whenever he asked for it and I was never appreciated.
So fast forward to a few weeks ago, Rick was in the hospital because he hadn’t been taking care of himself or the open wounds he had on his legs. He had sepsis, mrsa and a uti. We thought he was going to die. Grant and I were there for him when he went to the hospital and drove to see him for multiple days when he was transferred to a hospital farther away. He was in the icu for a few days and then he gradually became well enough to be able to be transferred to otterbein which is a nursing home that he would be able to rehabilitate in. Now, I’ve known lots of people including my own family who have stayed at this nursing home and it is one of the best nursing homes for rehab around here. Allan did not visit Rick in the hospital after we took him the one time. He always had an excuse not to come.
While in the nursing home Rick did not sleep through the night, he would sleep during the day when he was supposed to be doing therapy. The nurses told us they had tried multiple times to get him up for therapy and he just wouldn’t. I would like to add the he treated the nurses like shit at the hospital and at the nursing home. They cannot help that they are understaffed and cannot tend to his every need that very second. When I visited him and brought him dinner he was still in and out of it. I made sure his phone was charged and he had everything he needed. Grant and I were also the ones who transported him there because the nursing home transport lady had gotten into a horrible accident that day right before picking him up.
While Rick was in the hospital I deep cleaned the fridge and sink and did all of the dishes. And just made sure things were getting cleaner. When Rick was fine he was still a burden to live with. Leaving his piss bottles, chew bottles and trash lying around. He also has feces on his bed because he hadn’t cleaned it off. And the downstairs of the house always smelled like piss and shit because of him not taking care of himself properly. grant and I have been confined to the bedroom upstairs because Rick makes it unbearable mentally to live with him. I could not cook or do laundry when I wanted to because the kitchen was always trashed and his piss soaked laundry was always piled up in the laundry room. I cannot put into words how mentally draining it has been for me living here.
So Rick is in this nursing home for 4 days and for the past 2 weeks that he was in the hospital all he could talk about was the fact that his son Allan and his brother Greg could give a fuck less because they haven’t made an attempt to visit him. On that 4th day he was in the home he called Allan to come take him home while the nurses were on lunch (Allan has also been driving with a suspended license and picked Rick up with ricks van with no license). He told them he would be coming back but had no intentions to do so even though he could not take care of himself yet. He had not been medically cleared from rehab. Allan dropped him off and had a little party with him and then just expected grant and I to tend to all of ricks needs even though we both have full time jobs and are incapable physically and mentally of taking care of Rick full time.
Rick caths himself to go pee and has done so since his accident. He is well capable of that but he is supposed to time out his pees on a schedule so he does not piss himself. Guess what he was not doing. He pisses all over himself and sits in it. Grant was upset that Rick left the nursing home prematurely so we called multiple places seeing if we could get him back into rehab so he could gain enough muscle mass back to take care of himself fully again. Rick refused to go. He also lied to us and told us he had a home health nurse coming. That never happened. Grant became upset and started trying to push his dad to do things himself because he knew he could. That’s when Rick stated refusing grants help out of spite. Rick sat in his chair for almost 3 days soaked in his own piss and shit because he told grant he did not want to get out of his chair despite grants multiple attempts to help him. So grant stopped caring. Rick also was able to get up and get dressed to go to a football game with his buddy but then the next day he was right back to moping in his chair.
Last week Allan picked up Rick and took him to idlewild which Rick is a member of and in that time Allan was pissed he had to finally start doing something to help his dad instead of putting all the stress onto us because we “live under his house rent free”
While they were at idlewild they only took one of the two dogs with them because they don’t care about the other dog even though it’s ricks late moms dog. This dog is elderly and sleeps all day and since we don’t ever go downstairs other than to leave the house we did not realize she was there. She also had been shitting and pissing in the house which neither one of us were going to clean up because it was not our dog and it was not our fault they took the other dog and left her here without saying anything to us at all. She also shits in places I don’t go into like ricks bathroom in his bedroom. They expected us to take care of that so they used that as another excuse that we don’t take care of anything around here.
This is where shit really hits the fan.
Grants dad files a bullshit paper and puts it on the door saying that we need to leave the premise because of physical and mental abuse, lack of groceries and lack of rent. Which is funny because grant is not a tenant he is a resident of the home. I have bought all the groceries in this house the past year and it is not my responsibility to make sure that a grown man who can take care of himself always has groceries especially when I make shit money. He also would order out and not ask me if I wanted anything so I did the same to him and instead of buying groceries I got every meal take out because I could not cook in the house. The icing on the cake is I’ve never seen grant abuse his dad. I’ve seen his dad abuse him to the point where grant is scared to leave his dad when we stay places because he thinks his dad will do something stupid or fall out of his chair and not be able to call for help. He has dropped everything to help his dad. He has woken up at 3 in the morning to get his dad something so small as a Mountain Dew that he could’ve easily gotten out of his chair himself for.
Allan has instigated this whole situation and in a matter of days grants dad has turned off grants phone service and is trying to make him get out of the house in a matter of 3 days. Now he wants a restraining order against grant and is trying to play off that we “abuse” him.
Allan and Rick took grants forearm and hid it from him. So when he asked for it back, Rick said he didn’t know what he was talking about even though it is the same gun that has been sitting on his side table for months. It is the same gun he asked me to hide for him when paramedics had to come and help him get back into his chair and the same gun he almost killed the dog with one night when he accidentally fired it in the house. So grant went to the police department and filed a report for a stolen forearm. A cop came to the house while Allan and Rick were there and he asked them where the gun is and they both lied to him and said they had no idea what he was talking about. So I started to have a panic attack because they were lying to the police in front of me and I told the truth while crying to the police. Grant had already told the police he believed the gun would be in ricks safe so when the cop brought up the gun being in the safe Rick said “oh yeah it might be in there” even after he tried to play it off like I was psycho and didn’t know what I was talking about. The cop also let him know that if he goes back to the station and files the gun as stolen it becomes a felony and he still tried to lie about not having it. Then When they got the gun out of the safe they tried to tell the cop that Rick was scared for his life because grant shouldn’t have a gun because he’s “psycho” and he’s afraid he’ll kill him. Which is a crock of shit. The cop knew it too and gave grant his gun back.
So later that night Allan and alaina his girlfriend come over and start laughing about how I’m a psycho bitch because I was having a panic attack when they were lying to police. I also confronted his girlfriend and she gave me some bullshit.
Also I would like to add that Rick pays a maid to clean the house every 2 weeks and she does not clean anything but the floor really. She has also stolen from me and Rick keeps her around because she’s nice to look at. He also smokes his medical weed with her and her boyfriends when they come over.
We are both moving out this week and removing ourselves from this toxic family and environment. There is still so much to the story that I did not put in here.
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2021.10.22 18:37 AutoModerator Plague Blvd. Links (Discord, FAQ, Social Media)

Here's the links to all things Plague Blvd.

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2021.10.22 18:37 ZeroThrawn Kindle Ultimate Recommendations

Hey everyone,

Sorry if this post is repetitive but i'm fairly new to the genre.

I was wondering if anyone could recommend me some Adventure/Fantasy/Isekai books but the main character is not in an MMO but is more a medieval fantasy setting,

Many thanks in advance.
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2021.10.22 18:37 StickySituation2455 Evening

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2021.10.22 18:37 Lowen_Q Thinking of either doing a chin implant or chin lipo? Not really sure what would improve my side profile more? It’s always been my biggest insecurity.

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2021.10.22 18:37 Altrooyooy Loading 20k Geological equipment 10k/u

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2021.10.22 18:37 coogiMcLovin Opinions on Ace Labs?

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2021.10.22 18:37 CPG-Combat I had a nightmare about sandy cheeks cock vore

I was sleeping and in my dream I woke up to large stomping sounds outside my apartment, and I went to the balcony to see what was going on, and it was sandy cheeks walking and dragging her cock along the road. I screamed in the dream and sandy cheeks turned to my direction, pointed her fat cock at me, and started sucking me into the cock. I was screaming really hard in the dream and I woke up screaming. God please someone help me I can’t take it anymore
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2021.10.22 18:37 cerebrix New Mexico COVID-19 October 22nd update: 982 new cases, totaling 268,891 | NMDOH

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2021.10.22 18:37 LightningFury81 How do I solve for 8?

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2021.10.22 18:37 6Fact_Speaker9 Is this the optimal team for Hu Tao and Thoma?

Hu Tao, Thoma, Xingqiu, Kazuha
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2021.10.22 18:37 post_hazanko Libraries/repos you've used for transcribing, real time captioning and real time translation

I realize you probably have to have trained models, something to read in that audio stream.
The thing is we want to host it ourselves/run our own API. So just wondering what things you guys use/popular.
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2021.10.22 18:37 Abraxas95 Going for the Mother of Us All achievement, am I doing well for the 1278 AD?

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2021.10.22 18:37 CapableBarnacle3175 Darkrai on me 6784 9417 3006

Will invite 10
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